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Create some excitement and energize your content with our easy web video products!
Transform your web presence with Web Guides! Web Guides are custom videos of Actors who welcome and greet visitors as they arrive on your home page. Grab your visitors’ attention with a well-presented overview of your business, reminders of the benefits of your products and services, directions to key features of your site and answers to common questions. See a Web Guide on YOUR SITE NOW!
Web Guides work with any website. And we don’t change a thing on your page. Our technology leaves your web-content undisturbed.
AudioMakers will help you determine the script content and if you need help, we can write the script for you. We’ll work with you to determine the Actor’s attire and the style that best conveys your business image. AudioMakers will shoot the Web Guide and set up the finished video to paste into your existing web site code without disturbing your content or page designs. The cost of our Web Guides is all inclusive. There are no monthly costs, hosting fees or hidden charges.
Request an Estimate or call us today to talk about Web Guides for your website. 866 283 4628.
See a Web Guide on your home page NOW! We’ll deliver a sample to your site instantly!
Who better to promote your products and services than a satisfied customer?
Videomonials are videos of your customers talking about your business on your website; giving testimonials to every person visiting your site, every hour of every day. They are the most effective means of building immediate trust and confidence in your business and what it has to offer.
We’ll contact your happy customers, hear about their great experience with your business and help them create a script about it.
AudioMakers will shoot your customer in our “green screen” studio and help you easily integrate the finished Videomonial onto your web page without disturbing your existing content. We can also take photographs at your place of business or any where you select and create a location-background for the customer in your Videomonial.
AudioMakers will get your approvals at every step of the process. And monitor success as you request.
Please ask if your market qualifies for this unique marketing tool.
Use our Request an Estimate form or call us now at 866 283 4628 to discuss Videomonials.
Use the power of video to introduce your business, debut a new product, make a sales presentation, educate employees, send a message from the president of your company or showcase an innovation. Our Actors can help you.
With a marketing video, you will communicate more accurately and for much less cost. And that´s an idea any business can live with. 
Each video project is different. Tell us about yours. We´ll be happy to provide an estimate.
Request an Estimate or call us 866 283 4628 and let´s discuss your project.
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